As a fine artist, I'm often asked what inspires my work and if I paint on a regular basis. Both great questions and relevant to the pursuit of creating artwork. Recently I launched a "blog" to provide backgound information on paintings in progress and what inspires each work.


I hope you enjoy the creative process. Look forward to reading your comments and more questions:


Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2017


Hello everyone,


It’s that time of the year, when families and friends gather to celebrate Thanksgiving and share stories, commentary, jokes and lots of good food. It’s also a time to remember those who have past and cherish the time spent with them.


Perhaps this is the perfect time to launch a blog to provide insight on my artwork.


Tower Grove Park is one of my favorite places to visit and recharge my creative side. Many times, I will take photos to use later as reference.


Having decided on a fall scene featuring a bench near The Ruins, I used an bright orange to set the background for the landscape. The composition was sketched with a deep purple. At the time,

I was listening to the news in the background. Soon, I realized that the political commentary was dramatically affecting my choice of colors and even brush strokes. (I admit that I’m a news junkie.)

I didn’t realize how frustration and even disgust found its way onto the canvas. So, I set the painting aside and took a break. A few days later I came back to the painting. I also left the tv off and listened to a violin concerto by Mozart. It was amazing and a relief to see the difference in brush strokes and hues of colors.


This new framed oil painting, “Once Upon a Time” (16″ x 12″) is a reflection of happy times and good memories while visiting Tower Grove Park.


“Once Upon a Time” was also painted with a palette knife once used by my grandmother Stella Malone. I thought about her often and the wonderful family meals we enjoyed every Thanksgiving during a visit to see my grandparents and cousins living in Porcupine, SD.


Perhaps I was channeling her deep love for our family through the deep impasto strokes adding layers of hues to the shadows on the path and the colorful fall landscape. The bench beckons visitors to stop for a moment to breath in the fresh air, listen to the ducks nearby and watch the water flow from the fountain at The Ruins.


I have painted many scenes from Tower Grove Park, this is one of my favorites. Until the next one.


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